The PhooD Journal
For most people in graduate school, it’s more convenient to take the easy road and grab take-out, frozen pizza, or ready-to-eat meals. Science seems to trump proper nutrition.

Not for us.

Despite the heavy workload of the young scienctist’s life, we take time out of our busy schedule and set aside a small amount of money out of our measly grad school salary to prepare homecooked meals. As foreign students, this does not come easy, especially when we crave for the food we grew up with.

This blog documents our food journey. From trying to replicate our mom’s homecooking, to adapting ourselves to the local cuisine, and to finding and trying out the cost effective recipes that fit our limited resources.

You may find helpful the recipes that we will feature which would mostly be for a meal for one, viands that are ideal for long storage, quick and easy cooking, and budget meals.  Every now and then, you’d also get to hear of our culinary adventures and reflections: be it attempting to prepare dishes we’ve never done before, experiencing new cuisines, or just musing about the things we love to cook and eat.

The PhooDies


    Current location : Saarbrücken, Germany
    Country of origin : Philippines
    Degree pursued : Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    PhooD philosophy : You crave it, you make it.


    Current location : Heidelberg, Germany
    Country of origin : Philippines
    Degree pursued : Ph.D. Biology (Molecular Biology)
    PhooD philosophy : It should look as good as it tastes.


    Current location : Leuven, Belgium
    Country of origin : Philippines
    Degree pursued: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Biology
    PhooD philosophy: If it smells good, it tastes good.


    Current location : Saarbrücken, Germany
    Country of origin : Canada
    Degree pursued: M.Sc. Biotechnology
    PhooD philosophy : If it’s not done in 15 minutes, it’s taking too long…


    Current Location: Minneapolis, USA
    Country of Origin: Philippines
    Degree Pursued: PhD Chemistry (Chemical Biology)
    PhooD Philosophy: Who says you can’t have fine dining from the comfort of your own home?

We’re not trained chefs, nor are we food snobs. We just love food.

Do you have any suggestions or personal messages for us?  Feel free to contact us at phoodjournal /at/googlemail /dot/ com.

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