Practical advice to the food storage junkie

You bought a carton of eggs last month and forgot when the expiry date was. Two weeks ago, you used up half. Today, you have nothing in your fridge and you have no time to prepare anything else cuz because you have to get on with writing your paper. Eggs are there. Hmm a quick sunny side up or maybe a Tamagoyaki. But then are the eggs still ok?

If you’ve been lurking in Huffington Post, you would have caught wind of this website called StillTasty, Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide. No, our blog is not paid to advertise them. I just find the site extremely useful especially since sometimes I don’t know how long I can keep food in for.

What I really find nifty is that they try to cover as many situations as possible. Because you know that fresh, raw, cut up peaches will keep differently compared to fresh, raw, whole peaches.

Opened a package of cottage cheese? It’ll keep for over a week if you keep it in the refrigerator in a sealed container. Pop it in the freezer, and it’ll be ok for the next three months. Just remember, the longer they’re stored, the less likely they’re going to be tasty.


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