Okonomiyaki craze

Janet started all this with this post on okonomiyaki.

Upon request, she brought me a pack of okonomiyaki flour and a bottle of okonomiyaki sauce when she visited me a few weeks ago.  I immediately tried it and was hooked! I ate it four nights in a row.  Partly because of addiction and partly because of practical reasons.  (I didn’t want the huge cabbage I bought to go to waste.)

I tried different things each time: adding bacon, slivers of sausages, shrimp, cheese, whole eggs, nori.  It was really fun to make too!  The final product may look fancy, but it’s terribly easy to do.  Just like a making a pancake.  Flipping the entire thing was a challenge too.  Thankfully, I managed and didn’t end up with okonomiyaki-on-the-floor.  (Thanks to all the cooking shows that “taught” me how to do it!)

Mix everything into the batter and spread onto a hot, nonstick pan
You can add whatever you like (OKONOMI) ! Lay bacon on one side and flip it over.
I went grand with the last okonomiyaki I made: bacon, crisped sausages, shrimp, and a whole egg!
Spreading the tangy-sweet okonomi sauce browns it quickly.
This tastes as good as it looks. My Japanese colleague CRAVED for it after seeing the picture. 🙂
While eating my okonomiyaki with a glass of ice-cold citrus juice, I watched this No Reservations Osaka special:



5 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki craze

  1. @ yiN

    The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki meaning “grilled” or “cooked”.


  2. That’s easy to use the ready flour. I once did from scratch and that’s quite a lot of work to grate the yam. Yours look very delicious. I have to look for that flour.

    1. Hi Mary! Glad you dropped by again 🙂 About the okonomiyaki flour, I feel bad that I didn’t ask Janet to get me some too. Now I’m really envious of David’s okonomiyaki.

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