Noche Buena in Manila

It’s 7 PM Christmas day and all the activities for the holidays have died down.  This is my first Christmas home since I left for Germany in April 2007 so I try to take in as much of the season as possible.  By take in, I mean I pretty much inhale whatever food is offered to me.  I will probably regret this come weighing time in January.

Last night, we had two dinners for Noche Buena.

The first one was at my house at about 7:30 PM.  I know it’s too early.  But my dad, who’s a month away from retirement can’t stay up til midnight so we decided to have our family dinner early.  Oooh boy did we have a dinner.

We had paella.  Obviously a remnant of 333 years of Spanish colonization.

Pancit Malabon, an orange-colored stir fried noodles that originated from the city of Malabon.  It’s topped with shrimps, pork cracklings, slices of hardboiled eggs and vegetables.

and LECHON!!!

It’s not the Cebu Lechon that topped Anthony Bourdain’s hierarchy of pork, but it was still good.  I must confess that I took  majority of the crunchy skin pieces.  And if anybody complained, I would have just said we didn’t have it in Germany.

There were several choices for dessert, including leche flan, ube halaya (purple yam), buko pandan, but I only manage to take a photo of the suman, a sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

The boyfriend kept calling it tamales, which I fervently protested because suman is sweet.  I didn’t eat suman for dessert but opted to eat it for breakfast on Christmas morning.  I mean it was too much for last night 🙂

Come 11 PM, we left my dad home and went to my cousin’s house which is just a walking distance away from ours.  Then it was Noche Buena Part 2.

There what awaited us was lasagne.

With a some garlic bread on the side.

There was a small salad corner.

And we downed everything with some Mompo.  You read that right.  Mompo, as in the mass wine.

Our other option was The Bar flavored vodka and gin which in  my opinion taste like cough syrup.

We went home at about 2:30 AM, full from all of the eating we did.

But you know what’s great about having all these dinners?  LEFTOVERS!

So what did you have for Christmas dinner?


5 thoughts on “Noche Buena in Manila

    1. I only know where to get it in Manila. If you have friends or relatives there, maybe you can ask them to get a bottle for you.

      It is available in Market Market in Taguig City. You can buy it in the liquor store that’s right in front of the Metro Gaisano grocery.

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