Bestest Christmas / Birthday gift!

I am not supposed to be blogging right now because I’m in the middle of ironing/packing/organizing/panicking, but this is just soo blogworthy I just had to post it.

Janet dropped by my apartment this evening with a silver parcel.  It was her Christmas / Birthday gift to me.  A little early you may ask?  Well I’m leaving for Manila on Sunday (ergo my current state of mind).  Anyway I digress.

She told me to open it already because she wanted to see my reaction (plus to get the gift wrapper back for the Secret Santa gift hehe)

My reaction?


She got me this.

I love love loved the movie Julie & Julia and I have come to love Julia Child. This is just the perfect gift.

Should I ever be able to cook this recipe, I will definitely blog about it.

Thanks Janet! *hug*


4 thoughts on “Bestest Christmas / Birthday gift!

  1. COOL!!!!!
    I also loved the movie 😀

    I might start a similar project with sweets for my new office-mates… I’m sorry you’re not part of my workgroup anymore 😦
    You MUST plan to come! there are tons of shops where you can buy top quality as well as rare ingredients. Maybe you can try out the Boef Bourguignon!
    you just need a return ticket. You will obviously stay at my place.

    COOL again!

  2. Anette! This is sooo unfair! You have to come back to SB 🙂

    I am planning to come, I just don’t know when. Updated progress report is due in 10 days and Blockseminar is in early Feb. Hectic!

    I can try on the 3rd week of Feb or early March. It’s going to be a full weekend 🙂

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