When Janet and Kookie went to France to buy cheese – Cheese Tasting Part I

Title says it all.

Janet and I took the bus from the SB main train station, crossed the German-French border to buy cheese at Cora Forbach.

It’s not because there was a lack of cheese in Germany. Au contraire. There are good cheese counters here. But there are more choices in France. Plus it sounds fancier.

sealed baguettes
baguette packing machine

The baguettes would shoot out already covered with plastic, freshly sealed for the customers.

Here’s Janet examining the options at the cheese counter. At this time point, we’ve already raided the cheese shelves for packaged cheese (I think we had 13 different kinds already). Janet wanted two more fancy cheeses to complete our cheese tasting selection.

There were a lot of cheese to choose from.


We had our cheese tasting this evening complete with comment cards. Janet has the cards and will write about the cheeses soon.

Oh wow my burp smells of blue cheese…


3 thoughts on “When Janet and Kookie went to France to buy cheese – Cheese Tasting Part I

  1. P.S. Shopwise opened near our neighborhood, so we now have a good (by RP standards) selection of cheeses we can run to even for spur-of-the-moment cravings. My sis and I tried a fancy mac-and-cheese a couple of weeks ago– still not as flavorful as we wanted it to be, but great!

  2. I really should educate myself about cheese. I think I’m missing out here because I don’t normally buy it. There’s just so many choices I don’t know where to start. The cheese tasting was a good intro though.

    I once bought Limburger cheese. Wow that thing lives up to its reputation of being stinky.

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