McDöner in Hannover

Hannover is one of the world’s leading destinations for trade fairs. The city hosts large exhibitions like CeBIT, Biotechnica, and Hannover Messe to name a few.

The prices of food and beverages in the fair grounds are ridiculously high. So before you board U-bahn 8 to Messe Nord, I suggest that you fill your belly with some grub in McDöner.


Found near the U-Bahn station Kröpcke and directly down the Fußgängerzone (pedestrian area) from the main train station, McDöner is one of the most affordable eating establishments in Hannover.

Where most döners are sold over the counter to be eaten on some bench, McDöner offers its customers a dining area where people can sit comfortably while enjoying their meal. This is an added bonus when the temperature is too low outside, as it was two weeks ago when I was there.

The price of the items are affordable. For as low as €5 you get a set meal made up of a Döner (with your choice of chicken or lamb), a portion of pommes frites, and a small drink.

For €2,50, you can get a large portion of Hirsesalat. I had that for dinner once and I couldn’t finish the plate despite my hunger. It was just that big.

You can take a look at the McDöner Bauernsalat here. My Hirsesalat was just a little bit smaller than that.

If you wander way from Kröpcke, in the direction of Steintor through Georgstrasse, you can find another McDöner outlet at Schillerstrasse.

What I am curious about is this, if McDonald’s had a problem with a Malaysian fast food chain, would it also go after McDöner?


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