KFC fried chicken : Attempt #1

Have you ever had a craving so bad that you would do anything to satiete it? I have. It happened in January 2008 and my stomach needed a fix of KFC fried chicken.

Because delivery from fastfood joints is pretty much non-existent in Saarbruecken, I had to travel all the way to the other side of the city (practically rode the bus from the start til the end station) just so I could have a few pieces of finger-lickin goodness.

As I’ve written so cryptically in my previous post, the recipe that mimics the KFC fried chicken recipe is available. A guy named Ron Douglas figured it out and wrote about it.

So when David came over to Saarbruecken, we decided that a good food accompaniment to the ADMU-DLSU basketball game would be some pseudo KFC fried chicken. I won’t repeat the recipe anymore since I already provided the link in the other entry. But after the poaching, dredging, double dipping, and frying, here is the end result:


I was gleeful that they looked similar to the Original Recipe fried chicken. Unfortunately, I misread the recipe and added only 2 teaspoons of MSG instead of 2 tablespoons, so the chicken lacked that savory taste. But geez, 2 tablespoons of MSG is a LOT. I’m going to try to experiment with the amount so that there would not be too much MSG in the seasoning.


KFC claims that Ron Douglas’ version does not taste like their famed fried chicken. But if it means that I don’t have to take that long bus ride whenever I have one of my KFC cravings, then the pseudo version would have to do.

Now I have to search for recipes on how how to prepare the pseudo-gravy and pseudo-brownies.


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