7:00 AM. Alarm goes off and I push the snooze button to shut it up.

7:08 AM. Alarm goes off again. Darn it. I turn it off and I get up.

All groggy and cranky I walk to the bathroom to splash my face with cold water and to gargle away the morning breath.

I cannot say I’m really awake until after I’ve prepared my most important meal of the day: Breakfast.

For as long as I can remember, breakfast has been part of my everyday morning ritual. My mom would never let me leave the house without having eaten anything. Back during my grade school days, I would actually eat a hefty meal composed of the previous dinner’s leftover. For a kid who had to leave the house at 6 AM in the morning,
eating something really heavy for breakfast was necessary so I wouldn’t starve before the 10:30 recess period.

Back home, having a hearty breakfast was routine because I know my mother would have prepared it long before I even wake up. Now that I live alone, breakfast has become a little bit more simple.

My everyday breakfast includes 2 slices of buttered whole wheat toast, a cup of cappuccino (or when I’m too lazy espresso with some cold milk), a probiotic drink, and a glass of orange juice.

Each component has a specific purpose to start my day right.

The buttered toast is there so that I have something in my stomach for the entire morning. As I am prone to hyperacidity and the occasional hypoglycaemia, it is always good for me to have some carbohydrates in my system.

The coffee has an obvious purpose. I am not a morning person and I need a little help in jump starting my system to wake up.

I have strictly included the probiotic drink in my breakfast because it has extremely helped in keeping my body alert the entire day. The live microorganisms support the body’s immune system. The energy gained from delegating some of the defense work to the live microorganisms is then used for some other purpose during the day.

The glass of orange juice I use to down the two vitamin tablets I drink per day. One is a multivitamin and the other is an iron supplement. I take these vitamins because I know what I consume during the day does not meet the daily nutritional requirements.

So now I’m curious, what do you have in the morning?


2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. wah, you’re so healthy, Kookie! i usually just pop in some toast, eat a (cold) sausage, and maybe some milk…or whatever is leftover in the fridge =)

    sometimes i don’t eat breakfast, but i try not to do that =S

  2. I am a morning monster without my breakfast.

    It would be nice to change it up during the weekends but I seriously cannot be bothered with it. It’s like going on autopilot mode when I wake up.

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