Geburtstag Mittagessen: Pinoy comfort food served in a finer way

Can I do it? You bet I can.

The full story and all the recipes and pictures in good time here on our PhoodJournal.


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Geburtstag Mittagessen

Nur für sieben Personnen

26.Juli.2009 mit Freunden, 1300
29.Juli.2009 mit DKFZ-A160, 1230

Amuse bouche

Sisig na tokwa

Spicy tofu sisig bite served with faux pork rind, eggyolk drizzle, and aioli
Served with a shot of San Miguel Beer


Lumpiang sariwa
Philippine vegetable roll with egg net
Served with peanut sauce


Pansit Canton

Philippine style lo mein (stir-fried noodles) with three kinds of mushroom

Main course

Dalawang luto sa karne: Adobo at Kaldereta
Duo of Philippine meat dishes:
Chicken & Pork Adobo* and Lamb Caldereta
Served with steamed jasmine rice

*Also available as vegetarian option with tofu and mushrooms instead of meat


Samu’t saring minatamis: ube puto, turon, buko-pandan
Sampler platter of sweets:
Purple yam rice cake with coco-butterscotch sauce and spun sugar
Mini deep-fried banana spring roll
Frozen coconut-pandan salad

Selection of carbonated fruit drinks and water
Red wine
Selection of coffee and tea


6 thoughts on “Geburtstag Mittagessen: Pinoy comfort food served in a finer way

  1. David, happy birthday, you Leo-born you!

    Makes me wish that Brussels or Leuven would have a supermarket stocked with Asian ingredients. Soy sauce and rice, please!

  2. Well I’m sure there’ll be some in Bruxelles. Ask Fritz for references.

    David, can you cater my birthday next year? heheh

  3. @OUI: Thanks!

    @KOOKIE: Haha, sure! I’ll gladly cook for you. Basta sagot mo transpo ko, hehe. Pero saan ka maghahanda?

    I’m really excited for the Saar Spektakel na! Since I’m not going on a long Urlaub, ito na ang pinaka-Urlaub ko ngayong summer, hehe. Unles topakin ako ng early september.

  4. Hi Dave,
    Si uncle toto mo ito. First off HAPPY belated B’DAY. And congrats on your Germany success.
    Your mom was here today at Baclaran and showed-off this weblog to us. Galing!
    You’re on my blogroll now.
    Ingat ka dyan. We’re proud of you.

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