Pizza Lunch in Venice

After much sweet talking, pleading, and pouting, I managed to convince the BF to go to Venice last Saturday. We left the house early enough so that we would be just in time for lunch when we reached Venice. We were both famished by the time we arrived and were immediately in search of a good affordable restaurant to eat in.

Not too far from the station, we found this restaurant called Due Colonne. The BF described the place as a hole-in-the-wall because the air vents were visible in the restaurant area. Go figure. Granted the food was not expensive by Venetian standards, but I found Due Colonne still quite a fancy place to eat. You have to take my word for it because I failed to take a photo of the dining area.

IMG_1170Horse on my pizza. I was craving for a pasta dish but the special pizza list caught my eye. I picked out a pizza called Tornado. The pizza description included the basic ingredients for a pizza margherita plus horse speck.

The horse speck had an overpowering smokiness to it that prevented me from having a good taste of the meat. So I can’t really say whether I like horse meat or not. Will I try it again? Hmm probably not. I have images of Black Beauty on a plate, and I find it completely disturbing.

The pizza itself was quite good. I finished mine in less than half an hour. Before you think what a glutton I am, the pizza was thin crust. The chef was also not overly generous with the tomato and mozzarella base as there was just enough to cover the crust without making it too soggy.

IMG_1171Gorgo-speck. This was what the BF ordered. Pardon my ignorance but I didn’t know that gorgonzola could be used as a pizza topping. I felt like more of an idiot after I read that it’s one of the main types of cheese used in preparing pizza quattro formaggi. I really should look at the pizza menu more.

His speck, the normal piggy kind, did not have as strong a flavor as my horsey variety. Comparison can be difficult because a) they are from two different animals and b) they were probably prepared in different locations with different methods. There are just too many variables to consider that a proper conclusion could not be made.

In total, we spent less than €25 for our lunch. That’s really not too much considering we ate in a restaurant and not a food counter in Venice. Remember the closer you get to the hot spots (e.g. Rialto and Piazza San Marco), the more expensive food and service become.

It is also a good idea to eat before walking the small streets of Venice as the path is quite long from the main train station to Piazza San Marco. Don’t take the ferry as you will be robbing yourself the real Venetian experience. Wear comfortable shoes, grab a water bottle, and stock up on carbs and you’ll be ready to hit the road…err canal…


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